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Virtual tour

The diversity of 16th century workshops and master sculptors from Champagne

The 95 sculptures featuring in the exhibition are borrowed from museum collections - the Louvre, Musée du Moyen-âge [Museum of the Middle Ages] Musée national de la Renaissance [National Renaissance Museum] and churches from Aube, Haute-Marne, Marne, Ardennes and Seine-et-Marne.

An insight into the styles of southern and northern Champagne

Learn about the saints, workshops and leading masters, from the Master of Chaource to Dominique Florentin and Jacques Lallement.
Discover how new styles, the use of moulds or avant-garde mannerism, so fashionable in the courts of Europe, influenced the art of sculpture in Champagne.

Observe masterpieces from the world’s greatest collections

The Saint-Marguerite of Saint-Germain-près-Troyes, currently displayed at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Sleeping Virgin from the altarpiece by Larivour, displayed at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

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Exhibition of national interest 2009Exhibition of national interest 2009