The Remarkable 16th
Masterpieces of sculpture in Champagne

Exhibition of national interest 2009
The Ministry of Culture & Communication - 50 years

This event is recognised by the Ministry of Culture & Communication and the Management of Museums of France as an exhibition of "national interest" and as such will receive special government financial backing. Running from 18th April to 25th October in Troyes, The Remarkable 16th – Masterpieces of sculpture in Champagne is acclaimed as one of the great cultural exhibitions of the year 2009.

With support from the Louvre and the National Institute for the History of Art (INHA), the exhibition will showcase a well-known heritage, usually held in locations across Champagne or within the world’s most prestigious collections (the Metropolitan Museum of New York, the Museum of Cleveland, the Victoria and Albert Museum of London, the Louvre, the National Museum of the Middle Ages, the National Museum of the Renaissance...).

Hosted in the very heart of the city of Troyes at the Church of Saint-Jean-au-marché, the exhibition will display 94 major masterpieces, on loan from various cities and museums. Staging is courtesy of Jérôme Haberzetzer, a museology expert better known for his work with the Camille Claudel exhibition in 2008 at the Rodin Museum of Paris. Visitors are invited to take a journey through time as they discover the masters and anonymous craftsmen of the Renaissance in Champagne... observing artists’ varying accounts in the midst of an emerging Europe’s many art movements.
Witness maternal and filial emotion, core feelings, devotion, pain, grace, Passion... These strong emotional values radiate from their immutable works and are portrayed in such delicate detail.

An entire region working towards a common goal - to bring this extraordinary heritage to life

The Remarkable 16th - Masterpieces of sculpture in Champagne is part of a worldwide operation which has resulted in the restoration of some 60 sculptures in Champagne-Ardenne, as well as the Church of Saint-Jean-au-marché itself, where the exhibition will take place in Troyes.

The General Council of the Aube, as the major administrator of the exhibition, has worked in partnership with the city of Troyes, the Champagne-Ardenne Region, the French government, the European Union and the Diocese of Troyes.
The Remarkable 16th century has also succeeded in attracting not only private sponsors (Axa Private Equity, Crédit Agricole Champagne-Bourgogne, Chassenay d’Arce, Gravograph, Devanlay-Lacoste), but has also secured media partnerships with Télérama and Connaissance des Arts.
Furthermore, the exhibition has rallied the entire region, creating an incredible show of unity including public and private businesses in the tourist and culture industries, as well as representatives from associations and the education system. A number of events have been organised around The Remarkable 16th century, such as conferences, exhibitions, concerts, workshops, etc.
Visitors are also invited to discover other masterpieces of sculpture from Champagne in situ: the Burial of Jesus by Chaource, intricately carved rood screens in Villemaur-sur-Vanne, etc.

50 years after the last exhibition, The Remarkable 16th - Masterpieces of sculpture in Champagne provides an opportunity to revive scientific discussion on the subject of sculpture in Champagne at the end of the Middle Ages and during the Renaissance... while maintaining a sensitive approach to the masterpieces themselves in their presentation to the general public.

The scientific committee, under the authority of the Louvre, is made up of the following members:

GENEVIÈVE BRESC-BAUTIER, General Curator, responsible for the Department of Sculptures at the Louvre Museum, President.
VÉRONIQUE BOUCHERAT, Lecturer on the History of Medievil Art at the University of Paris X Nanterre.
MARION BOUDON-MACHUEL, Lecturer at the University of Tours, scientific advisor at the National Institute of the History of Art.
IAN-BRUCE WARDROPPER, Head Curator for the Department of Sculptures at the Metropolitan Museum (New York).
CHANTAL ROUQUET, Curator, in charge of the antiques collections in the museums of Troyes.
CLAUDIE PORNIN, Cultural Attaché for protection of the museums of Troyes.
PIERRE-EUGÈNE LEROY, Honorary lecturer from the Collège de France.
MAXENCE HERMANT, Curator at the French National Library.
MARIE-CATHERINE MASSÉ, responsible for the Heritage Mission for the region of Champagne-Ardenne.
BRUNO DECROCK, Art historian, responsible for the inventory of furniture collections in the churches of Aube.
MARC BOTLAN, General Inspector for historical monuments.

The General Commission, under the authority of the Regional Council of Aube, is made up of the following members:

CHRYSTELLE LAURENT, Curator of Antiques and Art Objects of Aube, representative of the Cultural Heritage Mission at Aube Council, General Commissioner.
FRÉDÉRIC MURIENNE, Regional Curator of Historical Monuments, DRAC Champagne Ardenne [Regional Department of Cultural Affairs], Deputy Commissioner.
PHILIPPE RIFFAUD-LONGUESPÉ, Deputy Commissioner of Antiques and Art Objects of Aube, Cultural Attaché for protection of the museums of Troyes, Deputy Commissioner.