About the exhibition

About the exhibition

Cast models from the Musée des Monuments français [Museum of French Monuments], sculptors’ tools, the collection of Italian paintings from the museum in Saint Loup, the permanent collection at the Museum of Vauluisant, 16th century archives… All this and much more to satisfy your curiosity!

Museum of Vauluisant

The permanent collection at the Museum of Vauluisant gives a full range of examples from "The Remarkable 16th century" in Troyes, with works from prestigious buildings that are no longer among us today. During the visit you will discover the scope of Champagne’s artistic creation during the Renaissance, with its stained glass windows, its paintings and its carvings.

“Yes, you may touch!”
A new tactile area at the Museum of Vauluisant has been opened to the general public, school groups and the vision impaired. It gives visitors their first opportunity to touch fifteen or so mouldings of original masterpieces (angels, characters from the Bible, animals...). Exhibits are accompanied by explanatory labels (also in Braille courtesy of Gravograph, one of the exhibition sponsors from the Aube).

Museum of Vauluisant
4, rue de Vauluisant
10 000 Troyes
Tel: 03 25 73 05 85
Fax: 03 25 80 18 00

Opening hours:
Open every day, except Mondays, from 9am to 12am and from 1pm to 5pm
Closed on 1st January, 1st May, 11th November and 25th December

- 3.00 €
- for visitors under 18 and students under 25 (student ID will be required)
- 1.50 € for groups (over 12 people) (+ 12 pers.)

Local History Museum

"Ruffs, doublets, farthingales and escoffion headdresses - a representation of 16th century costumes in the statues of Champagne"

An intriguing title for this exhibition! A selection of photographs depicting 16th century statues of Champagne reveals the lavishness of costumes towards the end of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
As you admire the costumes, you will realise how fashion designers of today have used their creativity and succeeded in drawing inspiration from these models to revamp 21st century fashions.

Opening Hours:
The exhibition will run from 3rd March until 10th May – open Tuesday through Sunday from 2pm to 5.30pm, closed on bank holidays.
Free admission

"The splendour of Renaissance architecture in Troyes and southern Champagne"

Church doors, manors, columns, wood frames and antiques: let the exhibition guide you as it uncovers a collection of decorative arts and teaches you more about the sculptures of Champagne during the Renaissance.

Opening Hours:
The exhibition will run from 16th June until 4th October - open Tuesday through Sunday from 2pm to 5.30pm, closed on bank holidays.
Free admission

Local History Museum
3, rue Jean-jacques Rousseau
10 800 Saint-Julien-les-Villas
Tel: 03 25 82 59 45
Fax: 03 25 82 88 59

Opening Hours:
The exhibition will run from 3rd March until 10th May - open Tuesday through Sunday from 2pm to 5.30pm, closed on bank holidays.
Free admission

By bus: numbers 3, 4 and 11
By car: Direction Saint-Julien-les-Villas / town centre / nearby car park

Sculptors’ tools and creative art Centre

"Stone in all its glory"
Within the sumptuous setting of the Hôtel Mauroy, a display of tools and works of art exhibited in some of the museum’s temporary showcases allows visitors to discover secret techniques used by stone carvers and sculptors. In keeping with "The Remarkable 16th: Masterpieces of sculpture in Champagne" exhibition, it illustrates the skills of craftsmen and artists, explaining how a work of art is created from a simple block of stone.

Opening hours:
The exhibition runs from 18th April until 25th October 2009 - every day from 10am to 6pm (closed on Tuesdays).

“Sculptures” by Georges Kliemann.
The Paul-Feller Center.

Opening hours:
Free admission. Open Thursday to Sunday and every day from 1st June to 30th September from 10am to 6pm.

Sculptors’ tools and creative art Centre
Hôtel Mauroy
7, rue de la Trinité
10000 Troyes
Tel: 03 25 73 28 26
Website: www.maison-de-l-outil.com

- 6.50 €
- 3 € ages 12 to 18, students, trainees, groups of over 15 people and the unemployed
- free entry for under 12s.
- Guided tours for groups of over 10 people: an extra 2 € per ticket (prior bookings only).

Archive of the Aube department

“Art sculptors of the 16th century”
Discover the master craftsmen through the archives: signatures, deeds, contracts, wills, sketches, commissions, etc.
7th September - 30th October.
Free admission. From 9am - 5pm. Closed at weekends and Tuesday mornings.

Archives of the Aube department
131, rue Etienne-Pédron
10 000 Troyes
Tel: 03 25 42 52 62

Pavillon Henri IV, Nogent-sur-Seine

“Alix des Francs and workshop masterpieces in reference to the Remarkable 16th century”
Student creations and works by the contemporary artist Alix des Francs around the sacred theme.
In partnership with the Camille Claudel Association (Nogent-sur-Seine).
Free admission. 12th - 20th September (3 - 7pm).

“Sculpture in the region of Nogent and the Seine valley from 15th - 17th century”
Wednesday (2.30 - 6pm). Weekend (10 - 12am and 2.30 - 6pm).
Free admission. 26th September - 11th October.

Pavillon Henri IV,
Former road Villenauxe
Tel: 03 25 24 61 54

Museum of Fine Arts

“Vasari, 16th century Italy: Museum paintings”
At look at Italian 16th century art as one of the collection’s masterpieces returns from a long restoration period:

The Last Supper by Giorgio Vasari, artist and expert in the history of art (1511-1574).
Conference tour at 3pm: 7th June, 5th July, 2nd August, 6th September, 4th October.

The advantages of restoration, using the example of The Last Supper by Giorgio Vasari.
Conference tour at 6pm: 18th June and 18th September.
Family at play. Open to the public.

Opening hours:
16th May - 31st October from 9 - 12am and from 1 - 7pm.
Closed on Mondays and on 1st May.

4 €.
Free admission for under 18s and students under 25.
24h pass (ask at the Reception Desk).
Free admission on the first Sunday of each month.

Museum of Fine Arts
1 rue Chrestien-de-Troyes
10000 Troyes

Others exhibitions

“Views on the 16th century”
How 19th century scholars perceived 16th century sculpture.
A conference is held each Saturday at 3.30pm.
Multimedia library of the agglomeration of Troyes
15th July to 31st October

“A romantic look at the 16th century”
Artists and scholars of the 19th century discover the Remarkable 16th century. Drawings, engravings, photographs and mouldings.
Hôtel-Dieu-Le-Comte, Troyes
5th July to 13th September
Free admission. 10 am - 6 pm. Closed on monday

“The Visitation and the Deploration of the Saint-Jean-au-marché Church.”
Photographs by Dominique Roy.
2nd May - 15th September.

Chassenay d’Arce Champagne cellar
11 rue du Pressoir

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