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The Remarkable 16th: Masterpieces of sculpture in Champagne An exhibition catalogue on "The Remarkable 16th: Masterpieces of sculpture in Champagne" has been compiled by ten writers – curators, university professors, members of the exhibition’s scientific committee – to bring you the latest findings on 16th century sculpture in Champagne.

Published by Hazan, as you read through its 300 pages and 300 colour illustrations, you will meet the artists and visit to the workshops, understand the context in which the masterpieces were created, how the collection of works has been approached throughout history, what goes on during the restoration process of these masterpieces and, of course, discover the variety of styles which have been uncovered in Champagne during the Renaissance century.

"The Remarkable 16th: Masterpieces of sculpture in Champagne": € 42.75.

La vie en Champagne:

La vie en  Champagne Journal:
"The Remarkable 16th", special issue of "La Vie en Champagne". 80 pages. € 12.

For the past several years, "La vie en Champagne" is a book which has helped readers gain a better understanding of the heritage of Champagne.

The exhibition provided an ideal opportunity to edit a special edition explaining "The Remarkable 16th century" in Troyes, not only through its sculptures, but also its paintings and stained glass windows.

Furthermore, restoration of the Saint-Jean-au-marché church at Troyes, a transition between Gothic and Renaissance art, has given rise to new studies on its origins, also presented here in an essay by Bernard Ducouret, Curator at the Regional Inventory Department of Champagne-Ardenne.

Danièle Minois, Claudie Pornin, Jacky Provence and Patrick Le Chanu have all made contributions to the 80-page book which is available for € 12 in the exhibition boutique.

Gifts from the exhibition:

Poster Poster:
Banner of the exhibition for its entire communication: the Virgin and Child Rouilly-Sacey. € 1.50 .

Marque-pages Bookmarks:
Bookmarks magnetic fasteners, for your reading. 6 models. € 2.

> Sale on line from the web site of the Troyes Tourist Information Office

Magnets Magnets:
Four effigies to complete your collection. € 3.

> Sale on line from the web site of the Troyes Tourist Information Office

Cartes postales Postcards:
Did you like the exhibition please tell! 6 models. € 0.50.

> Sale on line from the web site of the Troyes Tourist Information Office

All these items are on sale at the entrance to the exhibition, and additional books.
You can also buy online bookmarks, magnets and postcards on the website

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