About the exhibition

About the exhibition


Music from the 16th to the 18th century:
By the Conservatory of Troyes organ students, Saint Nicolas Church, Troyes.
- Free admission. By the Conservatory of Troyes organ students, Saint Nicolas Church, Troyes.
- 21st June ((Music Festival): 5.30pm.
- 19th September (Heritage Day): 7pm.

Polyphonic music of the 16th century:
By the Conservatory of Troyes youth choir and vocal group, Saint-Loup Museum, Troyes.
- Free admission.
- 16th May (Night of the Museums): 8.30pm and 10pm.
- 15 octobre (The Keys to Troyes, student event): 6pm.

Sotto voce and Les Hautbois du Blason:
Choir and wind instruments. Bach, Mozart, Haydn. On the occasion of the 6th Art and Spirituality Festival.Troyes Cathedral.
- Free admission.
- 20th June (8.30pm).

Music and dance of the Renaissance:
- Ballet by the Compagnie des violons du Roy, on the occasion of the City in Music. Place Vernier (subject to confirmation), Troyes.
- 11th July (8pm).


Voragine’s life of the saints:
Theatrical reading tour in the heart of The Remarkable 16th century exhibition in Troyes (Saint-Jean-au-marché Church). By the Conservatory of Troyes drama class.
- Free admission.
- 16th May (Night of the museums): 12am and 1pm.
On the occasion of Heritage Day:
- 19th September : 12am and 1pm.
- 20th September : 11am and 12am.
- For more information call 03 25 43 32 50


City of lights:
Theatrical promenade into the imaginary at Chrestien-de-Troyes in the heart of Troyes.
- Free Admission.
- 24th July - 30th August: Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 10pm.

Spotlight on the Remarkable 16th century in Troyes:
The Light Show organised by the Protection and Future of Troyes Association (SAT).
A fun and educational introduction tour focussing on the subject of architecture, with lighting of the stained glass windows at three major churches in Troyes (Saint Nicolas, Saint Pantaleon and Saint Madeleine). Animations (music, dancing, theatre) feature along the route.
- Free admission.
- Departure from the Place de la Bourse, Troyes, 19th September (from 8.30pm until midnight).

Illumination of the court of honour at the Hôtel-Dieu-Le-Comte in Troyes:
- On the subject of sculpture of the 16th century and its revival.
- 30th June - 28th August. (9pm until midnight).

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